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About Us

BUSYPOND classifieds is redefining the global online market place, a registered trademark of Busypond Media (Pty) Ltd. We are an IT and Ecommerce Company involved in many online projects and pleased to see magnificent growth that shows trust of our customers and users.

The vision began in Parramatta, NSW Australia way back in 2009 and has come to a reality. Our top priority is our users and their ability to access a safe online platform for buying and selling, simple, easy to follow and can be used by the most experienced to the novice of web users.

Our mission at BUSYPOND is to create a clean, easy to navigate, classifieds website where buyers and sellers can meet and feel secured about their personal information. We understand that it does not take five clicks to post an ad so we want to make it as easy to use as typing an email. Whether you are selling items that have been collecting dust in your garage for years or looking for a new place to live and start your new life; your experience will be a positive one.

Because somebody might need what you have, and might have what you need. Just spend time on the site, take a look around your city and see what's going on. See which neighbors are having a yard sale. Get involved, and BUSYPOND will quickly become one of your favorite websites.

We trust that you'll find BUSYPOND as easy to use as sending an email, and probably more fun. Head to the city of your choice, and find the "Post Ads" button right up top and give it a shot. There's something in the closet you've been meaning to get rid of that you can have online in minutes, and sell within hours, and your ad is absolutely free to post (with a few exceptions).

If you're looking for that extra edge on your competition, put up pictures to go along with the text. If you are looking to take your ad to the next level, we have a variety of affordable options to make your ad stand out from the pack, including premium placement and posts in multiple cities.

Please DO NOT FORGET to read our terms of service conveniently linked all over our sites to ensure that you are playing by the rules, and everything should be fine. We are committed to improving our sites so your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. Feel free to contact us by clicking here;

BUSYPOND!!! …….Your limitations are unreal!